Xbox bug 03/17/2019

Game mode: [Online | rented pve server]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA]

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I downloaded conan exiles. Rented a server. Set it up, then played for about 2 hours. After I log out I get a message saying corrupted data detected, reinstallto avoid problems. So I reinstalled again…signed on no problem, played another 2 hours. Logged out and got the same message again. I’ve gotten the message 4. Times now. I use an xbox one x, I have great internet. So obviously theres an issue with either the game download, or the game its self. I did see a few animals rubber banding, and a few who would just float up into the sky at random. But all other enenimes would be fine. I play many other games daily with no problems at all. Not sure what’s going on, please fix or help.

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