XBOX Cloud Gaming : Game not available anymore Dec 1st?

Hi there,

I am playing Conan Exiles (a GREAT game imho) since a few weeks on the XBOX Cloud Gaming. This morning (1st of December) the game isn’t available anymore and the problem doesn’t come from my Microsoft Gamepass Ultimate subscription, as I’m able to see all the other games in the catalog.

I tried to find any information about the agame leaving the XBOX Cloud Gaming on 1st of December to no avail.

I tried to connect with a VPN from various countries, to see if it was a country related catalog change : to no avail. The game simply dissapeared from the whole platform.

I wonder if it’s a bug or something ? That would be a great new (that and getting back the game online of course).

Thanks for any information. Cheers :slight_smile:


Ok some good news : after a few hours, the game is finally back in the store: THANK YOU whatever happened :smiley:

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Great fix. @rodpulsar

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