(Xbox) Content Blocking (entire North Biome)

On official 2808 on Xbox. Clan “The War Machine” has completely blocked assess to the northern biome. Walls that touch the sky that go on forever that completely prevent access to the north. No way to get around them to get to the content beyond the mountain. Once you jump in with your armor you have to take it off to climb out of their trap and it’s too cold. They’ve even built giant walls through the mountain pass and have began to honeycomb the entire evergreen biome. I have taken photos but can’t upload due to being a new user.

Hello :slight_smile:

You should report this infraction by following the procedure in https://forums.funcom.com/t/please-read-official-servers-terms-of-conduct-guidelines-and-procedures/112678.

This is the best way to have the funcom team aware of the problem :slight_smile:

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