Walling off the snow biome

I play on official PVEC 2732 their is a clan that is completely walling off the snow biome. Isn’t there rules about preventing access to areas of the map? They are also walling in players bases in the north and telling them they have to pay taxes. Separate issue but also irritating. Is there anything that can be done about this? FUNCOM please implement something on the pve servers to fix this

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You’re best bet is to play on a private server.

Also, if they managed to wall off the entire north, that is pretty impressive.

you dont need to go to any unofficial or private server,

you can report the offending clan by sending pictures to any of the @Community
managers , alternatevely you can always come to PVE1930, its a pretty safe official server, all obelisk and the most improtant areas are protected., and not possible to block

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When I try to send a message it says I can’t send a personal message to this user.

in the same TEXT aria linked.

In extreme cases only, such as players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof . Action meaning this behavior can lead to bans of the clan or players involved. In extreme cases please use contact anyone from our @community team and send them a PM to report these issues.


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