Xbox Crashing Issue (Longterm Problem)

I’m going to preface by saying I love survival games and I love Conan Exiles. I play a ton of Ark survival, Rust, Atlas, etc. I’m familiar with lag, crashing, and the other common issues survival games have.

Conan Exiles Crashes on Xbox ALOT. It is unplayable for most Xbox users, certainly every one of my friends I game with. It’s been happening since the earliest release of the game. I used to be able to play for a period before the horse update but now I can’t play more than 20 seconds before a crash. I logged onto Conan for Pc and zero issues for the 6 months I was on the server.

This Xbox crash is NOT new. Why is there nothing being done. The last time I saw the xbox crashing mentioned by the company was from September 2019!

It’s a pandemic where we are inside 95% the time. If there’s ever been a time to care and get solutions you’d think it’d be now. I’ve tried every fix you see being mentioned, I’ve uninstalled and redownloaded probably half a dozen times over the last two years.

Can someone from the company please respond and explain this situation, why it’s been such a consistent problem FOR SO LONG, and most importantly, give clarity on IF or when we can expect this to be addressed. No disrespect intended but even Ark eventually fixed the consistent crashing on certain map spots.

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