[Xbox] Disconnects from dedicated private server

Post update 33, pre hotfix (downloading now)

I’m noticing increasing random disconnects from my private dedicated server. The message is always “Lost connection to the server” then “Host closed the connection”. This to my knowledge means the server disconnected me for some reason.

I have noticed it happening right after placing a bed and updating spawn point, right after eating, right after harvesting a corpse. I haven’t been able to repeat it after any one particular action after relogging into the server though.

There is one major concern though with these random disconnects. Once I lose the connection I cannot log back into my server nor will it show up at all in the server list. The only way I can get my server to show back up after one of these disconnects is to dashboard, quit Conan Exiles and restart the game.

This is very frustrating because it takes up to ten minutes from the time the game is launched to the time I can log into the server each time this happens.

I didn’t have but one disconnect last night/yesterday but have had 3 so far this morning.

I’ll update if this gets resolved after finishing the hotfix download.

Still not resolved after the hotfix patch this afternoon. Haven’t had a disconnect until about five mins ago but did the same thing. I will add that the server kicked both me and my friend off and we were the only ones on the server at the time. So this is definitely a server issue.