[Xbox Game Pass for PC] Just lost my saves

Same problem for me :frowning: I hope that this issue can be resolved

I also just lost all my saves i have many hours of gameplay that i refuse to replay. please find a fix soon so i can get my saved data back.
i would also want to learn the origin of the problem so i can avoid this happening again

I am also experiencing the same issue with my saved game. I contacted Microsoft PC game pass support first and they directed me here. I see I am not alone with this and glad to see it is being looked into. Hopefully there is a fix available.

Same here, I had my saves on 2 machines and on both they have disappeared

This has happen to me twice now. It seems to happen after I start the game on my Xbox and then go back to the PC version. I only started it on the console to see if the saves were cross platform/play anywhere.

I really don’t want to start this again after being around 10-15 hours in :frowning:

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Not that I can add something new to the topic, but my saves are gone too. That is slightly disappointing.

Same problem here. This is a severe issue !

Same Here. I saw the game was updating and let it finished. When I logged in to play, all of my save data was gone. Just when testing out the Xbox Game Pass was going good…

Thanks for noticing that the community is suffering from this after the latest update. I lost my save as well when the game updated.

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The good news is savegames are not actually gone, but located in :

I made a backup of everything there just in case, but I’m glad the savegame is actually here. Meaning it should be recoverable.


Good afternoon,
Any word on when the save issue will be resolved on Xbox Game Pass for PC?


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Thank you Clive, here is also saved with the date yesterday, let’s wait and see what happens

I FIX! Do the following, create a new save game, look for the original save in that wsg folder, open it in notepad until you find the slot with the date and time it was your last save, close it, open again it with "Microsoft visual studio "or another code reader (I think notepad does not work). Copy all encrypted code, then open the save game you created and paste it into it! When you start write the wrong zone name, but then just enter and save in the game. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Whats the save file location?


It will have several folders, you will have to look for one you remember the date and hour, open the notepad files until you find the “Save Game Type”

Thank you vitaho, worked perfectly! We owe you!


well I don’t really understand the difference with copying the original save file (based on file date) into the new savegame folder. And then renaming the name of the original save file to the new one.

Also I tried to do the copy / paste with HxD hex editor (using “paste write” command) but then the savegames cannot be clicked in the game.

Could someone point the editor used and the exact key/command sequence?
(and if it could avoid installing visual studio if possible)


Still not fixed. I don’t overly want to go through the complicated method above… :frowning:

Thanks to Vidaho, here is the easiest way to do the trick:

  1. Go to the save folder:


  1. save the WGS folder (copy&paste it) into the desktop. This is just a way to create a backup of the folder,

  2. Now go back to the original save folder.

  3. Use notepad (I use notepad++, just google it, its a free software) to open the files contained inside the folder wgs/-the folder with many and many number-/-another folder with alphanumeric chars
    (my personal folder is something like wgs\000900000666EBC1_00000000000000000000000073…\0837A74C89B14A13A4CA…773C2A3 )

  4. Inside the above folder, open the alphanumerical named files with notepad++ , presso CTRL+F to search into the file the string “datetime” and “SaveGameType”. Remember to open file and search into them starting from the most recent one (just see for Last Modify Date)
    You have now identified your last savegame file.

  5. Open the Game and start a new game

  6. As soon as possible, save the game and exit from the game

  7. Wait just 10 seconds before proceed because xgame app is managing the new save game folder

  8. Go back to the WGS folder and now you will see a second folder inside it.

  9. Repeat step 4 and 5 to identify the last save game file from the new save game directory just created (the step 4 and 5 must be done inside the new directory just created)

  10. Now take your save game file from step 5 and copy it inside the new directory

  11. Now, you have just to rename your “disappeared”/“old” save game file using the name of the new game file just created. (to do that, I add a chars to the new file like “" and then copy the name without the "” into my “disappeared” save game file.

It worked fo me.
Its so easy, more difficult to explain.

I hope you can solve this problem as I did.

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