Xbox One Official Server List

I can’t seem to find an official server list anywhere by Funcom or the like. All these random server lists from 3rd party sources. I would like an Xbox One specific list for all the official servers. Anyone have a link or list? I don’t know why this is so difficult.

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Can Mod move this to Dedicated Servers section, thanks.

I’ve checked Gportal and no dice either. I think there needs to be not only an official server list, but it should tell you important information and more than the xbox server list will tell you about the server and how it’s run.

Things like:

  1. status: server down, up or terminated. Be nice to know if the server is ever coming back again. For official and private servers.
  2. whether or not crafting stations or wheel of pain will be locked
  3. whether or not chests will lock or be auto locked
  4. How big land claim and the despawn radius will be
  5. Add in a way for folks with servers to promote them for others to join
  6. Maybe tell folks when you are cutting off the server for good!
  7. As it is I keep refreshing not knowing what happened to the private server.

Stuff like this. The server description as is on the xbox is not very helpful.

Don’t expct these Funcom jackasses to do anything but flag your post, they can’t even figure out how to let you delete a comment, let alone do something really useful for the community they ripped off.