Xbox Series S|X game texture resolution - Xbox One X enhanced graphics?

I am just wondering - what texture resolution is used for Conan on the Xbox Series S|X? It seems like it is the same as Xbox One S and PS4 (1080p) when playing on the Series S, and not the enhanced version like the Xbox One X (1440p upscaled to 4k). It is frustrating to have a next gen console where the graphics look worse than the previous gen!

Does anyone know if this is an oversight or whether the enhanced graphics will eventually come to the Series S? Are the enhanced graphics on the Series X?


Hey @Dizzzy

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Currently, Conan Exiles is running on backwards compatibility mode on next-gen consoles. This means, it makes use of the same assets and settings as those used in PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, although it benefits from the upgraded hardware the newer consoles offer. Regarding the situation you mention with Series S, we will relay it to the team so they can give it a look and understand what could be the issue that is causing this situation on Series S in BC mode.
There are, as of the time of this writing, no specific plans regarding an upgraded version for next-gen, as our team is currently focusing on bringing The Isle of Siptah to its full release in early 2021. Once that is achieved, we might consider these options based on demand and feasibility.

Hope that cleared it out!

Thank you for your quick reply! I just thought it was odd that the xbox one x had the enhanced textures but the xbox series s/x has not… I really appreciate you passing this on! :grin:


+1 from me, for Better version on ps5. I know console are slightly behind on textures…

I’d kill for slightly better view distance overall and beteter track of enemies and corpses so they don’t go poof behind me all time.

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