XBox Server Settings SinglePlay / Coop Play Cloud Save?

Hello, forgive my english, it is not my first language :slight_smile:

I Must delete and reinstall Conan Exiles on the XBox One. Where are the server settings saved in singleplayer / coop game?

Is it saved in the XBox Cloud, so when iam reinstalling the game all settings are back again?

Or should i manually transfer them elswhere?

Is anybody knowing this

I’m pretty sure your singleplayer game and settings are saved to the cloud. I’m not 100% sure though, so it may be a good idea to check with xbox customer support before you delete it.

I think you can also delete the game without deleting your save on the console. When you go into the manage page to uninstall, I think you have both options. I’m not at home right now so I can’t check.

I reinstalled CE once and didn’t loose my singleplayer save, but that was a few months ago and I don’t really remember the whole process.

Also, do NOT check the settings from the main menu afterwards because that will reset them back to default.

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