Question: What happens when I delete the profile relevant data?

I have a question:

When you view the game elements, you have

  • game data
  • profile data (depending on the xbox profile)
  • conan exiles reserved part

When I delete the profile data for CE, I have the option to delete it

  • on the local machine
  • local machine & cloud

What happens, when I delete the CE Profile-Data local & in the cloud ?
Does it affect only single-player/coop saves ? Or is my Conan Exiles Profile then deleted, meaning I cannot access my progress online anymore ?

My language is not english, I hope I described what I want correct. Thank you

Background: I have some weired behaviour with Character Copy, so I want to delete all the single player data for this profile in the cloud. As the machine is shared with my wife, she also has a character, that should not be affected by this.
With Character Copy it happens, that it says it copied correct, but when I want to enter the map were the char has been copied too, I get the character creation menu… so it did definitely not do what i wanted…

As long as your wife’s character is linked to her xbox profile (and not yours), it’ll be safe. Deleting profile save data (both locally and cloud option) will nuke all characters tied to that save, clean slating the game. I use the nuclear option every so often on singleplayer when I want to do new builds. As for the character copy issue, you’ll need an existing character on the destination map for character copy to work. If you don’t have one, create a new character, log out, go back to the character you wish to transfer, hit copy, wait until it says successful, then log onto the destination map.

Thank you,

so this means: All singleplayer/coop chars connected to that xbox profile will be deleted, but the online char(s) will stay untouched as they are stored on the gameserver, right ?

  • I did so, made a new char on siptah, went back to my char on exiles land, entered “copy” - and was sent to the character creation screen… I repeated this steps several time, even deleted char on both maps, made on both new chars, but it does not work - that was the reason about the question for the cloud delete.
  • My wifes char was moved correctly that way

I’d assume character copy copped some bugs with update 2.5 as the character copy process was working mostly fine in 2.4 apart from some journey steps breaking. As for retaining characters on official, if you delete local and cloud, it may impact that character (I haven’t played on official in years). You could try just scrubbing the local save and resync with the cloud before wiping both (local and cloud option)

Thank you again. Looks like you have very good knowledge of xbox ce singleplayer.

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