Xbox Update 2.4 Official Discussion Megathread

Speaking of settings, will we be able to save our settings, controller aim sensitivity specifically?

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This is strange because it looks far better now on my Series X even in performance mode,especially the water,it looks so much clearer.

Did you play it on Series X before the update? I’m 100% sure the textures and draw distance were downgraded when playing in performance mode. Just before the patch I was testing it with my wife. We were blown away by the texture quality and the draw distance (pre-patch). You could see super tiny grains of sand on the beach, also the AO was perfect and the draw distance of decoration objects and bases were MASSIVE. Now after the patch the same beautiful textures are super muddy in performance mode, the AO is worse and the draw distance is not even close. Ok I get it, they tried to make it a smoother experience in some scenarios (even thought I didn’t get any noticeable dips below 60 fps before), but I don’t understand why would they lower texture resolution. It gives pretty much ZERO performance change on my PC which is not that great so I guess SX should be no different.

Funcom, I rather have much better visuals in performance mode (at least like pre-patch) rather than 3 extra FPS on a rare occasion when there’s a building the size of New York. There’s zero excuse to make Conan Exiles look this bad on the insanely powerful Series X. We literally got a next-gen downgrade.

Yeah only ever played it on Series X,only had it for 3 months. I gotta agree though,I’d rather it stayed unchanged to begin with as I had no complaints beforehand. No way I’m going back down to 30 FPS for sharper visuals.

I don’t mean that in a contradictory way to what I said earlier, I do still feel it looks better for me now,I just mean surely nobody wants to play in 30 FPS anymore when 60 is an option.

With this patch on Series X i can confirm the graphics seems to be a bit muddy. But what is bad is the performance. When I turn my character, it is not smooth. There is a massive micro stuttering now, that makes me dizzy…

great performance funcom. I built a hut on a siptah pve server. I want to log in again the next day and can’t get on it because the server is full. now everything is gone. don’t sit 24/7 in front of the game and see if I can come to the server

All decorative items on the same table lost stability, table is fine tho…and i just noticed my t4 blacksmith thrall chest is gone too, older than log tho, 3 chest rows of slots contained t4 BS thralls…all released back into the wild FC?..still wish somebody would have added stability to the game before 30gb of new crap and mechanics were added…oh well.

The purge meter remains unseen in inventory.

For me too - I reported this issue around 2 years ago. it would be looked into. repeated some months later.(as all threads are closed after 7 days inactivity, what seems to be a convenient behavour for bug reports). was told not to ask again, it would not go faster this way. 2 years later and still nothing… thank you for bringing this up again :slight_smile:
The solution would be so easy, as the reason is a line-break, that causes the message to be split on 2 lines, such way hiding the purge meter… when you play in english, this does not happen as all fits in one line. i have a german version, here it is split up. the message had been changed befor from “Früher oder später ereilt dich die Säuberung” what fitted perfectly in one line to “Füllt sich die Säuberungsanzeige bis zur Linie, spawnen Säuberungen” what is longer, so causing a line break, hiding the purge bar…

At this point, you should give anyone still trying to play this game on Xbox the entire Isle of Siptah for free. We have waited since when . . . November of 2020 to be able to log in and play the game we all paid for. Now that it is “stable” enough to play for more than 5 minutes, the ugly nature of its current state can be seen.
• Sound lags in every situation (combat, falling, swimming, etc.)
• Water that was once blue is now brown
• Textures take FOREVER to load
• Did you increase the default gamma? Why?
• Sandstorms look like a$$, and is it me, or do they no longer inflict any damage if you are not in shelter? And what’s with the blown out contrast when they roll in? It looks like garbage.
• Food no longer gives you health, and health does not regenerate over time. Thanks. Now I have to carry around health potions AND food AND water. Make the game even more of a burden to play!
• The draw distance is ridiculous. I turn around and have to wait 15 seconds for the landscape to load.
• The horizon is IN FRONT of the foreground. How is that even possible? (see photo)

I’m sure there’s more to gripe about but I was only able to play for a bit yesterday.

The next time you update the game, how about making it BETTER?
Add animations to thralls so they don’t all stand around like department store mannequins.
What’s the point of all these tables and chairs if no one ever sits in them?

Xbox One
Solo Server

What a friggin mess we are into now FC. More bug reports after IOS update than i have ever seen at any point prior. It is not, by any degree, a surprise. Making bad decisions seems like the only decision. Hold back stability patch, tack it onto IOS prep patch, break game. Then go ahead and release 2.4 with out fixing 2.3 or the new bugs 2.3 made by “fixing” 2.2. Now the 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 bugs will get “fixed” with 2.5? Is anybody else tired of FC ways?


Maybe im a rogue element here. I have regular xbox one. While i encounter the odd bug here and there, along with increased load times, i am not encountering any real game breaking bugs. I play solo single off line play.

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It looks terrible on Xbox One as well. It went from blue to brown.

We’ve split up discussion posts from official update topics to hopefully make it easier to track updates and discussion. You may find the latest updates for the 2.4 update series here:

New patch is live, updating thread

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I’m assuming I’ll need to write up any issues with SP transfers on bug report? Currently using 2 xbox consoles and cloud sync for safety. Primary xbox - EL to IoS and have my character go shopping for feats / recipes. Go offline, fire up second xbox, let it sync, then IoS to EL. If she arrives intact, sync save from second xbox to primary, if she arrives missing stuff, I won’t sync the save, leaving original pre Siptah visit character untouched

FC, come on! Just get it right. If FC could fix Conan, i think they would have done it already.

How many staff would be freed up from the Conan mess and could work at other projects or tasks? The forum would be less “lively” with “complainers”. The forum Moderators wouldnt be wasting time banning people who come here to blow up. The reviews for Conan would improve and lead to more sales. FC might be able to save their reputation…so many positive changes could be made and would improve everyones experience with FC and their products…so why wouldnt they do it? If they are capable of doing so?