Yellow Lotus as loot

Hello Conanians!

Does anybody know if Yellow Lotus or Yellow Lotus seeds can be looted from any enemy, the purge, chests or anything BUT finding it as flowers in the world?

Kind of a weird question, I know. But I have to ask.

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This one will keep an eye out.
This one thinks they recall finding it as loot on Siptah, but do not take that to the bank.

Yes, I’ve gotten yellow lotus, as loot in the exiled lands.

I think it was a drop off of a sorcerer, but I’m not exactly sure where I got it.

Life is cruel sometimes.

I followed that idea and killed some sorcerers. What they drop?

Yellow Lotus soup.

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… and now some Lotus Flowers in the wild. Thanks for helping out - you made me venture out further, which led me to what I was looking for.

The road of fate is a twisted path.

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Interactive Map Of both Siptah and EL

I have gotten yellow lotus seed from chests. Can’t remember what ones.

Thanks - currently playing a new map which doesn’t have a lot of yellow lotus. On the official maps, it’s easy to find, but on that one, there seems to be only one place where it grows.

I think you got bits of the sorcerer into your yellow lotus. Try killing them more softly next time.

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