Where to find Grey Lotus?

Wiki’s description says they suppose to grow in swamp. I was exploring whole swangle area for 3 hours. Found black lotus, fond purple lotus. But just can’t find grey lotus anywhere…

I guess that mean no one really found grey lotus at all.
I wonder if its even exist in game?

Found 3 in the Arena dungeon. They was in the chest. But that’s pretty much it. 3 grey lotus plants, in single chest, in single dungeon.
Providing that other lotuses you can harvest like 200+ per go, that’s very low amount.
Not mentioning that that is a plant, so you suppose to find it growing somewhere, not lying in the chest.

Check Flissa’s guide on Steam, there is a link to a partially updated resource map.

Alas there is only minerals shown on that map.
Using another of her(his?) map i manage to visit all point of interest in swangle, that i previously missed.
Still grey lotus nowhere to be found…

I think you’re thinking of grey-flower lupine.

Grey lotus, as mentioned previously, is in the arena with the undead dragon. There’s a lot of chests with it in there, just look around. You can get seeds to grow more, too.

Yeah, grey-lupine flowers are quite common all around the map. But those are completely different plant.

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