Yellow lotus potion bug fixed?

does anyone know if they have absolutely fixed the bug involving the yellow lotus potion losing earned/discovered knowledge? I tried looking through patch notes but couldn’t find anything definitive. Thanks.

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Never use Yellow lotus potion … :slight_smile:


Strangely they said the Yellow Lotus Potion was fixed on testlive, then in the live patch release, that patchnote was mysteriously absent.

I say don’t risk it.

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This is a weird bug, I haven’t been able to reproduce it in the five years its supposedly been around. I only know it exists because its brought up occasionally here in the forums. But haven’t seen it first hand, and in the second hand cases its only been in the forums.

I used several the other day and didn’t lose any knowledge.
I know the bug doesn’t 100% happen but also thought they’d announced it was fixed

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They said in the last devstream it would not simply be “fixed”; it is getting a rework. They did say a rework is coming “soon” tho. We are getting a new devkit next week, so stay tuned.

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Thanks for all the info guys.

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