Yellow Lotus Potion - missing details

Basic Info:

Platform: All
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: All
Server Type: All
Map: All
Server Name:All
Mods: N/A

Bug Description:

The yellow lotus potion has been changed to being a stamina potion, however it’s missing the respective effect information from the modifier fields, possibly contributing to some of the confusion people have in not realizing the potion has been changed

Here’s an example of the Black Lotus Potion to compare with

As you can see this one properly has the modifiers set up and informs the user that this is an elixir that gives 15% strength weapon damage bonus, which is the same for other similar elixirs as well, however the yellow lotus potion is still lacking the information that it gives 10 stamina now.

Bug Reproduction:

Craft a Yellow Lotus Potion
Look at the item info card


Sim isso realmente está acontecendo falta a descrição do item :sleepy:


So it is no longer changing recipes and attributes? Have stayed away from it for years. @Xevyr

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