Yellow lotus potion nerf

This isnt a cry that we lost a function but a shake of head. The lore of yellow lotus … that it makes people forget things. I propose that it get changed to where UI of hotkey and map fade out and cannot be used for an hour. And that you stumble for a while , and then have funky vision and all males turn into female , all female turn into males. Etc , make it a fun potion …

I just dont agree with it being use as a stamina potion. That goes against the Lore use of the potion.

So to understand ive found a few lore result of what the potion could do. And i believe it can be saved here.

Yellow Lotus

“‘… their lives are filled with exotic ecstasies, beyond the ken of ordinary men.’
‘Damned degenerates!’ growled Conan.
‘It is all in the point of view,’ smiled Thalis lazily.”

– Robert E. Howard: “The Slithering Shadow”

Yellow Lotus is a narcotic used for trances and visions. It blooms only in certain remote areas of Khitai.

The lotus itself is sometimes seen in these visions, and it could be that the flower itself exerts a malign influence through them.

The inhabitants of Xuthal, an ancient city in the Southern Desert of Kush, were addicted to the yellow lotus and spent most of their lives in lotus-induced dreams. (Actually, they were described as being addicted to the black lotus, but this would have made no sense as the black lotus is described as lethal in most other sources.)

Incense made from Yellow Lotus can be found in several varieties.

A half-dose of Yellow Lotus induces sleep in a willing target. At the DM’s option, visions and omens can also be granted through its use.

A full dose functions as Incense of Concentration (OA). A spellcaster who burns this incense while preparing or readying spells for the day can cast one extra 1st-level spell that day.

Burning and inhaling two doses of Yellow Lotus, is equivalent of using Incense of Meditation. Useful for priests (only) who spend 8 hours praying and meditating nearby, the incense enables him to prepare all of his spells as though affected by the Maximize Spell metamagic feat. However, all the spells prepared in this way are at their normal level, not at three levels higher (as with the regular metamagic feat).

So what we could do instead of my suggestion … we could make it to where It causes your spells to do more damage or has a longer duration or make spells to be bigger and more require to do certain end game spells. Thus it be lore friendly.

Stamina potion? Yellow lotus resets your knowledge and attributes.

there been an update to this the yellow lotus potion got changed to a stamina potion for the Age of war.


This one was amused
Rather than fixing the bugs with the yellow potion, it was just remade to be a stamina pot, and the natural learning/beastial memory potions were added to the basic feat.

It is a bit on the silly side, perhaps a rework of the flavour text was forgotten…

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im just more annoyed that they threw out any lore , its like they forgot that Conan is a book and lore itself , by a beloved author. And the OG guy that did conan exiles , is a creative director that would never allow this to happen. We need Lore accurate use case or at least close to what it should be.

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You have to laugh yes. Its ridiculous

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Personally I think respecing should be discouraged. I would have been happy to hear yellow lotus got changed if you didn’t say the other respec potions got made more available. Sadness.

Respeccing is like teleporting via bracelet removal and dagger fappery.
They will never leave this game.

I’m actually happy with it. Siptah farming Midnight Alchemist sucks. I never got it myself.


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