❤ Yggdrasil, the World Tree - PVE-C PS4 Server

Hello! Ive recently opened a new server for Conan Exiles PS4. We are known as :heart: Yggdrasil, the World Tree :heart: 10x/AdminShop/Discord. We are looking for new people to join in our community! Discord is a requirement as it is our main form of communication. We welcome old and new players alike!


Could i have the discord link so i can check this out please?


hi, I found your server and have been playing for a few days, but it is coming up super laggy and now the ping is saying its not available. is there a problem yourside? i have sent messages to funcom to try work it out too

hello is DE server isle of siptah ??? my friend and I have transferred our characters to your server, we would just like to enter it to recover them please kindly solve the problems of your server we have been trying to connect for days but still no result, fix it thank you…