Ymir Altar verschwunden

Game mode: [Online] PVE Server 3000
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] I guess it is a Bug
Region: Desert

Ich wollte gerade meinen Ymir Altar aufwerten und habe den Bau in die Warteschlange eingefügt und habe meine Basis verlassen. Nachdem ich zurückgekehrt bin war der Schrein weg. Im Eventlog steht der Schrein hat an Stabilität verloren was überhaupt keinen Sinn macht denn ich hatte weder eine Säuberung noch sonst irgendwas. Zwei Minuten später war der Schrein inklusive 78 Manifestationen des Eifers und Anastera der Seherin weg. Der Altar steht auf einer ganz normalen Struktur meiner Basis und alles andere drumherum ist noch da. Nichts weiter ist verschwunden. Erbitte schnelle Antwort.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I just wanted to upgrade my Ymir altar and put the building in the queue and left my base. After I returned, the shrine was gone. In the event log the shrine has lost stability which makes no sense at all because I had neither a purge nor anything else. Two minutes later, the shrine was inclusive 78 manifestations of zeal and Anastera the seer. The altar stands on a very normal structure of my base and everything else around is still there. Nothing else has disappeared. Ask for a quick answer

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As for your issue the shrines have a known issue that makes them lose stability and vanish when upgrading. It’s being looked into by the Development team but there is currently no ETA for this issue to be fixed.

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i have the same problem on xbox 5minutes ago with my mitra temple. i upgrades it to 3 and just went somewhere else while upgrading. when i came back the temple was gone… i lost an mitra archpriest, 80 ambrosia and of course all materials to upgrade it… that really is annoying as hell… whyyyy -.- :((

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