Yog is weak and needs some love

Can yog get some love the worst items. the purified flesh is great but everything else and I mean everything else sucks. if his holy Cleaver would give us bones as well as human meat that would be great but nope are you getting unblemished meat and lots of human flesh. The spears sucks of the match sucks and the to the Tinderriser cost way too much for hell week it is. Come on let’s give the cannibal god some love

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yog has the most powerful avatar… its in no way underpowered

explain,… I have the feeling that yog is a vault killer

Ive seen some videos where YOG doesnt do minimal dmg.
Ppl saying Yog broken.

Use Set for cracking vaults. Yog has another purpose…

Use Yog to damage the interior of pillar/mountain bases. Like kill all NPCs, workstations, players, beds etc.

yes but bases which are high up are not reachable, some of the bases are even hard to reach for yog as i understand.