You are over encumbered banner

First: thank you for listening about that bloody annoying banner and moving it.

Unfortunately, it’s only slightly less annoying (it still bloody flashes forever), and now only covers some buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’d like to see is a permanent fix to the annoyance, which as far as I can see has 2 realistic options:

1/ Just get rid of it. The flashing icon, and slow walk tells us readily enough :slight_smile:

2/ Make is a side banner in the same way that “Hot”, “Cold”, “Very Hot” etc are, that way it’s still showing, but properly out of the way.

Thanks for listening guys :slight_smile:

Edit: On a side note, having the big flashing banner is also kind of irrelevant when you also have the lv50 encumberence perk, too…

3rd option: A toggle in the settings to turn the warning off.

The game obviously queues messages, why not just keep track of what the last one was and if the new message is the same as the last one displayed within, say 30 seconds, just suppress it. It really is an annoyance.

I think this is a great idea. (Though I think moving the banner was a great QOL step. :slight_smile: )

What resolution are you using that this is happening? (Just curious)

2560x1440 res, fullscreen mode.