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Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [EU]

Since I still can’t play the game (20 hours now) I thought I’d have a bit of a moan instead!

You can kind of tell the people doing the updates don’t actually play the game. As someone who builds A LOT I spend a lot of time mining stone underwater, so now that they’ve finally moved the over encumbered warning from the top, where admittedly it was annoying when in containers, they’ve managed to move it right over the breath meter so now I’m going to end up drowning because it’s hard to keep track of how much breath I have left. Way to go people.

Why does it even need to flash repeatedly on screen? Once is more than enough, you know you’re over encumbered by your movement, well lack of! Either switch the damn thing off (or give us the option to on consoles) or try again and move it where it won’t lead to player’s deaths!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Mine lots of stone underwater
  2. Not be able to see your breath meter
  3. Drown
  4. Be very annoyed

Yes I agree with the OP. They have moved it from one annoying place to another annoying place, but slightly less annoying though.

Please just remove it. Like OP said we are not stupid and there are plenty of indications that we are encumbered. Where is the text flashing “YOU ARE HUNGRY/THIRSTY” OR “YOU ARE WALKING/RUNNING”? Right because the “YOU ARE ENCUMBERED” is somehow more relevant. This is a worthless feature and guarantee no complaints when it is permenately removed.

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I’ll agree, the over encumbered warning is in a very bad spot now, why they thought putting it in the same spot as the breath meter was a good idea is beyond me. Personally I think having TWO warnings that you’re over encumbered is rather excessive, there’s already the weight icon next to hunger and thirst that starts to flash red when you’re over encumbered, sure it’s small, but it’s still there to warn, and the flashing should stand out enough to catch even the densest person’s attention.

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I advocate a sound being played occasionly like a “HRRRRRRRRNG” similar to being thirsty couching or being hungry belly grumbles.


It’s ‘Encumbered’ or ‘Not Encumbered’ there is no ‘OVER ENCUMBERED’ it’s just bad English.

encumber verb [ T ]

to weigh someone or something down, or to make it difficult for someone to do something:

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I agree as on PS4 when I’m encumbered and that message pops up it hides some of the item wheel which is annoying when you want to see how much food you have on the wheel but it gets in your way repeatedly.

Maybe they could just make an encumbered icon and message that goes under your health bar like the other status messages. Eg where the sandstorm, bleeding, poisoned messages are


As long as other players can’t hear it :wink: I like this idea

Just give us a setting to turn it off. I know when I am encumbered.

“Why does it even need to flash repeatedly on screen? Once is more than enough,”

This. Display the message only once. The message should not be displayed again unless the player drops below their encumbrance threshold, and then picks up more items to become encumbered again.

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