You are ruining this game even more

You have completely lost it. There’s absolutely no point in playing anymore with these “improvements”. The stamina regen is nonsense, it was good before when you had to think and calculate what you did and when so you wouldn’t run out or had enough time to let it regen. Now it’s basically pointless to even have the stamina. The light around the character, are you serious? When it get’s so dark that you need a torch to see IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE DARK! The loot not dropping at all, hopefully it’s just a oversight and will be fixed right away because that is the biggest pile of poo if you leave it in. You have been removing the survival aspect little by little through the last few years and you keep on going down the same road, making the game so easy it offers no challenge to play. Completely different direction from what it’s supposed to be.


I have not noticed the light around a character, are you sure you are not using a light weapon like glimmer moon? Sometimes weapons like this will continue to shine after resheathing but if you take it off, light should go away.

Umm… they are complaining the game is too easy, not too hard.

Maybe “get worse” would make more sense?


No the personal light is part of the update. Wish it could be turned off.


Yeah, but that’s bullshit, at least at early game. Late game, it was easy already.
We don’t know what’s coming with the new purges.

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But not sure why if this is part of the update, I do not have one?

Been playing this game since day one and I do not use a torch as I play on PVP servers, would be stupid if they forced me to have a light on a pvp server. So far, I have no light around me…

Poke’n roll!

Please Funcom can we just forget this whole thing happened and rollback to the previous patch?


For real. Let’s just pretend this was a bad dream.


It’s so silly. Even if Den the lead designer himself got told this wasnt a good idea, he still refused to understand. It’s pathetic how poorly this is.


Why do funcom like to fix things that are already fixed . :joy: like brother this stinks

Also one shot mace still works , instead of actually just changing damage numbers they just made you unable to equip a oil on it . All good but what happens when you have a box of them and the grindstone resets the timer ?

Bring on the age of pacifism because everyone just going to be dodging 24/7 since your character has asma when they do one combo.


Yes, PvP and battles have become very bad, I don’t want to play, this is the worst update in the history of the game, the developers are not competent, not professional. Online in the steam barely reaches 13k, this is with free weekends, the numbers speak for themselves. They made an endless stamina-spam, I don’t want to play anymore.

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