You broke the game again. Bug Report: Workbench shows no item info

Those are definetly some reason why I no longer work in the industry and will never write code for another person again.

Additionally, much of the industry has no interest in writing their own tech and solve their own problems. The addiction to gluing magic wands together and kicking crap out the door made me sick.


Sorry to hear that. Burnout is a bіtch. I’ve been there, too, but managed to recover. :frowning:

I’m stealing that :laughing:

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In addition to gazelles, foals are also running away now. This made me very sad. Foals used to teleport randomly, and when they were scared, you had about the same chance of catching them as winning the lottery.
Then everything broke down for Fancom and the foals became calm. Now with the Gazelle fix, the Foals also knew fear - this was the important fix to sadden me personally, and Funcom made it. Funcom will do anything to upset you, and they did.