You Broke the (Purge) Build

Half an hour and no purge. The tents appear. Drums play. Nothing else happens. Half an hour, standing out in the rain.

I know that you are working hard to make the game better, but it’s broken.


Just did 4 straight purges 1-4 on official server.

Good for you. But there is an issue, as i can get 3 straight, then a “no path” . So there are some bumps to fix.

Which is not unexpected when releasing a new feature. Especially one like a whole new purge mechanic.

I think I’ve had the camp with no NPC’s thing happen once on the beta client while I was fiddling around with it. It disappeared shortly after appearing though. The rest have either succeeded in spawning or failed to spawn at all.


You are correct but you have to give more. Plus these issues already have a discussion, here

As for me, like @Akomo i had in a specific place all the purges with minor issues, but like others as well in other places i didn’t manage to have purges no matter the open space around, or if i had the purges never manage to be completed. The game mechanism was dealing dmg that was stopping the purge :man_shrugging:. So it is “broken” you are correct.
For what is worth, if you build too many doors the purge will give you a message that they do not have enough space to place a camp, but it’s because of your doors.
If you open the doors the purge will start but after a couple of minutes it will stop by sending you a message that they decided that they cannot reach your treasure chest.
The most frustrating comes when you totally remove walls, traps and doors and the purge starts and getting in your treasury starting to raid it, for some unknown reason they will stop saying that they cannot reach the treasure chest even if they were inside stealing loot and breaking everything :man_shrugging:.
It needs feedback and work.

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I actually did have that message too- so i moved to another location on a different server and the purge worked.

Still cant figure out what exactly is causing it.

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So far the doors and pvp flags for me. I fixed one pilot base for purge in jungle placing pvp flags to maintain my loot after possible death. I like to fix a little rat maze like my brother @Croms_Faithful says and he is absolutely right :laughing:, and place doors and archers on top of foundations with gas arrows. Especially the prisoners die super easy with gas arrows.
Yet i the pvp flags didn’t allow the purge to start. When i removed them it started. However i don’t know if some of them were bothering the start, maybe if i removed some specific then it would start again. So i am not saying that pvp flags are not allowed, but they seem to interfere in the purge starting.

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@Akomo here’s another…
If you build a tricky path purge won’t come…

It sends a message that it has no space for a camp :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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:brazil: :sweat_smile: Tem mais bug relacionado ao novo sistema “purge” estou vendo que a FUNCOM deixou muita programação solta que faz conflito com o novo sistema… Mas se não é sobre esse BUG tem outro BUG que resolve uma parte para iniciar, confira no link do post abaixo @Funcom_Community

LOL! good thing i keep them small right now. Doesnt work , pick up and move it.

But thats not a solution.

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