You destroyed months of gameplay for no reason

Do your own research before you go and destroy someone’s base!
People are abusing this new rule of having Admins in official servers destroy bases just because they want to steal the area someone is at.
I had a big base sure but it was in the very corner of the map, so far into the corner that the only thing behind it was water. There are no resources other than a few nodes of stone and some grass, yet you guys destroyed my whole base and banned me for 2 weeks citing “abuse of claim system to prevent access to resources or building spots” none of which was taking place unless you are going to tell me that we can’t build on top of rock or grass even while not blocking access to any form of travel. In this case you could run all around my base on foot and swim on one side because the water was there.
I had ONE, A SINGLE path in front of my building where I was going to build an entrance. I used to have neighbors who quit for awhile so their bases were gone and the area was free to build around me. There were no land claims in the beach other than my building itself.

I cannot comprehend where the idea that anything was being blocked comes from other than that someone complained because they wanted my exact corner of the map and you all destroyed my base without doing any actual research about the fact that there was only stone and grass underneath my base.
Completely unacceptable. I have supported this game since day 1, I have almost 1,200 hours of playtime and I have bought literally everything you have on the steam store and even some stuff in the bazaar just to have my last 6+ months of gameplay destroyed by an admin who had absolutely no reason to do so.

I joined PvE servers so that I could enjoy the building aspect of the game not so that people could come and utilize admins to do the same thing that would have been considered exploiting in a PvP server in order to claim the land for themselves.

The decay system is there for a reason, if you are going to tell people that they can’t build a base bigger than x size regardless of the FACT that they were not blocking path or resources, then you need to make a system that decides where the center of that base is and anything outside of it is decayed, otherwise the same way you are arbitrarily destroying bases without any form of research just because someone wanted the spot, telling the original owner they can’t play that way in official servers then you should just tell those same people who want to steal the land, to go find another server where they can play their way.

It is a moronic service to destroy months of work from dedicated players just because some random person who just showed up wants to take the spot.


Do you have screen shots of your base?

From your own words you had a big base, so from their statements you may very well have been in violation of abuse of the claim system to prevent access to building spots. You however seem to be fixated on the “access to recourse” part of the sentence but that may not have been the issue. Again, without screenshots no one on the forums will ever have any way of being able to help to explain why you may have been in violation in any way. Furthermore, you have not been banned for two weeks, you have been suspended for 2 weeks. Being banned is permanent, being suspended is temporary. There is a difference.

I do have a video somewhere. It wasn’t blocking absolutely anything. There was nothing before or after the base. The closest point of interest was almost a full map square away.

I very clearly said it wasn’t blocking path. Not fixated on anything. I am very clear on what that entire sentence means, you could walk all around my base except about 4 foundations next to the water that would make you swim. I am the kind of person that leaves all of my portals open so that people can use them. I am very careful about how I place my bases not because any rule existed, that’s how I personally do things.

This new post saying all of this from March 22 is new to me. Seems like they are going around destroying bases just because someone didn’t like it.

But you didn’t do your research before you went and built a big base against the rules :thinking:


I had clan members online too so the admin could have just asked to destroy what they thought needed to be destroyed instead of destroying absolutely everything we had by banning us for 2 weeks which will go well beyond decay timer. I was also there within minutes of it happening so I logged on before the 2 weeks suspension went through right after the admin destroyed my base. Some of the things were destroyed while I was there and almost fell on my head.

Great customer service.

That’s the point Jimbo. My base wasn’t breaking any rules. Not blocking path to absolutely anything and the only resource nodes under it were a few stones and grass. I don’t need a rule to tell me not to block player pathing, to me that is obviously toxic and I’ve never done it in the years I have played the game.
My point of saying they did no research is that it would have taken a glance to notice that you could walk around my base and some knowledge/research to know that there was only stone and grass under it.

Somehow, I don’t believe you. Every single time someone comes here to cry that they were falsely punished, every single time they were at fault and in denial. Every single one of them thinks they’re the one true innocent victim.

Just judging by how abrasive you are and obsessed with them being the party at fault here, I would say your case is no different.

Dude, rent a server with your friends. If you play on official, you know you are subjected to a certain arbitrariousness.
If you want to build big, it’s either that or single player.


Your base provably falls under the category of decorative land claim basically claiming a lot more land that you actually need or use. If you decide to continue playing on officials stick to compact builds. If I were you, I would abandon officials and move to a private server/single-player.


100% never going to enter an official server again. I rather not play the game. Thanks.

Why? You like the game. You just disagree with the rules on official servers. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure because of that. Just work around it. You’re on pc, right? On console it’s harder to find a good private server, at least in the EU zone, but on pc this seems to be easier. You can start a new adventure in minutes and never look back, @Prox_CQ

Blaming the victim, awesome. It often happens when someone can’t understand how something that they haven’t witnessed firsthand could possibly happen. I don’t blame you. They are called sheep, as soon as a more reliable source says the same thing, it is immediately recognized as fact. News networks love people like that. Some people just haven’t experienced enough in life to know that pretty much anything happens including video game staff who makes mistakes. Who would have thought? Not like it happens pretty much every day.

Thanks. I’ll consider it after I beat the new Zelda game, get bored of Diablo 4 and play Path of Exile 2 for the next 10 years LOL

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That’s a great idea. Take a break. I do it now and again. I’m on one right now. :smile:

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Admitting you think you’re the victim, awesome

Would love to see the video or pictures of your base. That would definitely clear up conspiracy theories being tossed around here.

My bet, from what you described, is that someone seen the area you were going to build your entrance on and reported that for spam.

Can you give a quick description of how big and what that looked like and how far it extended from your base? It sounds like you were built in the water in the far north east, maybe on Helioheights or even out against the wall.

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If you have questions concerning action taken on an Official server, they are best addressed through Zendesk. The Forum Staff do not have access to the information concerning the reason for the action taken.

Please review both threads if you have questions concerning building and land claims.