Official servers are even more toxic than I remember which is a shocker

I jump back into the game after being away for some time and has anything changed? Nope, the official servers are still full of people playing this game like it’s ARK. If it’s not someone making giant ugly squared bases that take up a huge area it’s someone bragging about blocking off an entire square of the map. I said damn in the chat awhile ago and got chastised because they play with their kids. I think if you find damn offensive, and are playing a game like this with your kids someone needs to give you a slap. I’m just curious has any of the rules changed because this server has a hell of a lot of land claim spam. The person with the ugly as hell square base that takes up a huge area has fence pieces at the top so you can’t get inside to see all the wasted space. I built a lookout post to look down inside near it such a shame.

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Which server type are you on, OP? PvE, PvE-C, or PvP?

I really love how u prove OP right… Enforcing new TOS when one cannot keep up with it , is no cowards way , buddy… I d rather to say its the smart way…

Why u even be toxic , upon something u do not like?? Adjust and try to be more possitive…

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Alternatively the OP could rent their own server and police it however they like.

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Say what you will. I’m entitled to my own opinion. Keep encouraging reporting because that’s definitely positive behavior. The real toxicity is allowing anyone to report a clan and this not allowing them to play the game anymore. I rest my case

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A couple of comments/my 2 cents. First, if someone has a giant square base there is literally nothing wrong with that. Maybe they are newer to the game and haven’t refined their building so a large box base is actually an accomplishment for them. Not everyone is a master builder so what you find visually pleasing might differ from others. Second, I agree nothing should be blocked off. For that you can ask them to open it up and if they don’t I would refer them to Funcom. Third, in no capacity is it okay to complain about someone using “foul” language in a game rated M lol, that is ridiculous.


Yeah I think we all can see that.

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PVE and the spam is horrid.

I’m not forking over money just to enjoy the game I already paid over $100 for.

You fail to see the point the outside wall is land claim spam the base inside might be 20x20 the outside wall is like 200x200 lmao.

Lol here’s the player to watch out for

This isn’t ARK or RUST if you want to be toxic go play one of those titles instead.


It does lag when you go near it it lags any time you look near the center of the walls lol.

Absolutely report it. The report function is there to deal with the lag and spam. The only people telling you not to report are the ones who sit in their own lag castles and pretend the rules don’t apply to them


Are you on ps4?


I honestly wouldn’t care if it looked nice but it’s literally a giant square I’m waiting for daylight in the game currently to properly figure out how big the outside spam is.

I just tested it with the FPS counter on I go from 120+ frames down to 45 near the base.

I think this is the main issue here…while we can all agree rules should be enforced evenly. the problem is that this is currently being used as a weapon with evidence of gloating in chat about what they did…granted a weapon that can easily be countered but still a weapon. Toxic people will use any means to get their way and belittle others doing it. There are toxic clans using old methods and there are toxic clans using new methods…the methods are irrelevant…the toxicity needs to be squashed.

The only fault I can lay at FC on this is it doesn’t give a clan the ability to rectify their base that is at issue now (like a demolish) so anyone can come up on a structure that was acceptable last year and not acceptable this year and report it and the clan can be judged to the new rules as banned because of how their base is structured. The clan had time but we are talking about removing foundation by foundation work…the only feasible way for an offending clan to act is to just wait away from it and let it decay…so within 7 days, they could be removed from the game even though they are trying to get rid of the offending structure…meanwhile toxic reporting clan can poke at the base to reset the timer as well…offenses need to be reported but there has to be a feasible way for clans to get into compliance.

They have a huge base and appear to be popping on just to refresh it nothing more. I go from around 180 FPS down to 45 looking at their base from the outside. I can’t see inside to see what is causing the lag the outside wall or the inner base itself. They have fence pieces at the top of the walls preventing you from climbing inside to see it.