You want pork buff but you are leveling your thrall

Is there any chance of this happening, if you give thrall pork, it burns the bonus on to str agi until next level, I would like to carry some extra gruel with me and give that right before levelup to get the str bonus only, it is so annoying, even if it has no notable effect on the stat outcome for that level, you do want to max your chase on that stat.

Just gruel it to 20 as fast as possible them pork buff it from them on. Its a temporary problem considering how fast you can level a thrall.

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True, they lvl fast, but not fast enough, considering i have about 15 bersherkers i placed around my base more than a year ago, i think they still have their damagemodifier off, was it 3,02 unbuffed, i cant tell on official server, i have a goal to get them all to max, move them all to a base in the jungle-area somewhere, then start a fishman purge, call to arms the servers players, and do a record breaking purge, That purge is a unique purge, it is the only one that have non-stop waves, so it will go on for 45min nomather how fast you take out the waves, the other purges are 9waves max, but this one dosent have a max, i do wonder how many i can do in 45 minutes.

The wikki says it is 2.25

Not sure about next level, but it ruined one of my berserkers using pork and gruel combo, I wont do that again.

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