Your update broke my server

Game mode: Online Dedicated Server
Type of issue: All
Server type: PvE
Region: US

Your recent update broke my server. I’ve had to remove all mods and still, my server will not stay online.

[Describe the bug here]

Server will not stay online

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Server will not stay online
2.Removed every single mod
3.Server will still not stay online
4.Deleated modfile.txt per Gportal’s suggesting.
5. Server will still not stay online.

GPortal is saying that I may have to server wipe. Really? Why can’t you roll out a patch with out messing with servers? If I have to server wipe I am done. I’ve spent too much time collecting and building to have to server wipe.


I’m having a similar issue right now. Things were fine with my server until I removed two mods that hadn’t been updated for the new patch. As soon as I did (meaning that, theoretically, it should be good to go), the server now won’t stay online. And I’m also through Gportal. Supremely frustrating.

Same host. Same issue.
Constant server crash/reboot cycle.
All mods used are up to date for 2.1.
Remove all mods.
Reinstall server.
Restore from backup.

Only option offered is complete wipe, losing 8 months of server data, character progression, etc.

I tried testlive server, and the game ran okay, but thus test was with new characters on a fresh install. I believe there was little to no testing of the upgrade process of existing builds in this very short test cycle.

I am holding off on the server wipe for a while in hopes that a hotfix will correct the crash loop going on at the moment and allow everyone to get back to enjoying the game.

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The database file itself has corrupt entries. Even Funcom has official servers that are not online yet after the update which are also hosted by GPortal. Either going to have to wait for Funcom to patch it or manually delete the item in the database. One of the other threads has an explanation how to delete the entries and which entries to delete.

P.S. I also host with G-Portal. My server was also failing to come up. I used FTP to get a copy of the database file off the host and onto my own machine. I made the updates and FTP the file back onto the server and used G-Portals Basic Config menu to select the start-up database. I’m back up and running with AoC, EEWA and 22 other mods.

It sucks so much that the only “solution” we’ve got is to just walk away & stop playing for awhile in the hopes that things will get unf***ed. I am not optimistic.

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