You're Not On The List 😆

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: Singleplayer
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A

Bug Description:

Placed treasures such as the golden Argossean brazier and the petrified egg are no long showing up on the Coffer’s list after log in on the server. They must be manually picked up and placed back down every time there is a server restart, or they will not appear on the Coffer’s list.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. collect a treasure and place it within the Coffer’s radius.
  2. log out of the game.
  3. log in again next time.
  4. observe that any placeable treasures outside the coffer’s chest are no longer on his list.
  5. pick up and replace them down every item individually.
  • ‘+’ Bonus) notice an item brought back using admin has disappeared entirely (happy to elaborate…).
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This also happens on official PvE, Exiled Lands.


Ok so it is not limited singleplayer, but also occurs on officials. Dutchblock4 have you experienced any treasures disappearing yet, or just not on the coffer’s list?


Except stuff disappearing from the coffer list, not personally no, but someone i play with sometimes that’s on the same servers i play has. I will ask her when she’s online again to confirm (she usually isn’t on the weekends).

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Tbh, many problems exist in this mechanic so far. In a server that i just started i didn’t fix a treasury and probably i won’t until everything is settled. In another server my clan mate gathered trophies from all around the map, fixed a beautiful treasury but now every day he has to “dig out” his statues from the basement. Every time he logs out, the statues don’t recognize ceilings and go straight to the ground of the basement. So in every log in he will have to transfer all his statues up to the treasury again.
In my single player however i don’t deal these issues, the treasury i fixed is on a high tower, all the statues are on ceilings and no matter how many times i log in and out, i never loose them. My problem however is that i cannot scroll and see my summary in my treasury


I actually just picked up a Derketo Cat Idol and dragged it all the way back to my treasure room, so let’s wait and see what it says tomorrow…

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Cross fingers :crossed_fingers:. Good luck m8!
However, i believe you already think of it, don’t focus in these statues, it doesn’t worth it. Focus on gold and silver with these harvesting rates, but don’t place them in the treasury yet. If i remember correctly from the Livestream, Dennis said something like that your riches will define the strength of the purge.

My treasures also fall through the floors. Slightly off topic but i have a feeling this new purge mechanic is going to be an absolute mess. With the npss employing seige equipment and builds being on all types of terrain, i can see seige equipment spawning in all kinds of goofy locations. In mountains, in cliffs, 8nside of bases lol.


The private server i play on has been having an increase of purges spawning inside and on top of bases. I think we’re in for a real treat.

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Also on the official Siptah server i play on, even before the grand update I had a purge spawn right inside a transpatory stone outpost i built right on top of a spikey rock. They usually wouldn’t, right, spawn inside a base…?

Sooo, yeah, the Derketo Cat Idol (and Kingscourge Statue and Petrified Egg) were still on the coffer list when i just logged in, ànd they were all still standing in the treasure room.

Could’ve been because i actually logged out there and was undermeshed myself when i logged back in (after 10 long seconds i was back up in the room).

I will try logging out somewhere else next time as well. :+1:t2:

Update for today, everything is how it seems to be here on Siptah. No treasure fallen through the floors (i have ceilings with pillars under them here), and everything appearing on the coffer list.

My friend confirms this all on Exiled Lands.

I hope funcom finds a solution for you guys tho. :v:t2:

So basically, this first chapter of the Age of War added:
• Clan Emblems with very limited options, and the Shield Emblem doesn’t work as an illusion, nor in display racks.
• Treasure Coffers with no purpose (yet), a listing that cannot scroll down, some treasures not being accounted for after a restart, and some treasures sinking through buildings at times.

Not only is this amount of content rather low (especially when compared to the first chapter of Age of Sorcery) but it is also totally incomplete and unpolished?
Like dude, I don’t get how you can dare introduce 2 small mechanics, make them fail half the time, and call this a major update :notlikethis:


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