Zamoran hanging garden set?

Has anyone purchased the hanging garden set? I’ve been waiting for this one but, now that it’s available, it looks a little disappointing for the asking price. With only one ivy shape available. Can they overlap each other or do they have a collision box? It would look pretty terrible with seperate patches of ivy all of the dame shape. Also are the hanging plants pretty small? I would have liked to see longer branches/ leaves hanging down from those.


They can overlap. There’s a collision box but it’s generous.

A single piece:

Five overlapping pieces:

And here’s the other pieces from the set:

The chimes make sound, depending on the intensity of the wind.


That’s nice, thank you.
Can they also creep across the floor?

Also, and this is a very silly question, do the chimes make a tone if they are indoors?

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They cannot, vertical surfaces only.

Yes and no.

There’s no difference in how they act regardless of location, but you won’t hear them if your character is in ‘full’ shelter.


Thank you. This was very helpful )

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Have you tried putting them on a pillar? It’d be awesome if they wrapped around it but, i doubt that they do

Well, the good news is they can be attached to pillars. The bad news… yeah, no wrapping.


Well dang. Maybe in the future. Thanks again for all of the info. Very helpful.

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1,050 crom coins. I wish the ivy was sold on it’s own at somewhere around 200 cc. The small bundle just doesn’t seem worth it to me but, others may like it.


I like the hanging plants and the Ivy, I also like the market stuff and I really liked the food on table set, but I most likely never will buy any of these because they will only add a little to the look of a base in just a few spots + the price… Man the PRICE! :rofl:, they are not really an overall base deco, I do however look forward to seeing them in game when I pass the slideshow bases on my server where there are literally hundreds crow trees, roses and other battlepass/bazaar item galore, maybe I will see green (ivy)camouflage bases, it will be so exciting to see, especially if my pc can handle being close to such bases :joy:


Tragic, but not problematic.

Gratitude for testing all this out for us.

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