Zath religion trainer not spawning

Still not fixed, huh? Not spawned in my game.

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No Zath religion trainer at EL, really hope for a quick fix of this isue :slight_smile:
Been looking for him some weeks now

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I know this the PC Bug section but I can confirm that both the Zath religion trainer and Kraxus aren’t spawning on the PS5 as well.

its still not here on ps 4

Official 1650, not here. Super disappointed because I started with the Zath religion, but was changed to mitra when I used the orb to adjust my appearance. Now the Zath religion trainer is AWOL. What the hell.

Yea they cant fix it apparantly, or else they just dont care about their customers.

I’m only wondering, since it is almost close to 3 months later, if it isn’t a more serious, underlying problem? Maybe they have to overhaul the entire event? I don’t know but it would be awesome for an update or acknowledgement other than the simple " We have been made aware."

Just a simple update on what the issue is that causing it would be something

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I get it, you’re frustrated. So am I.

However, your binary conclusion is less than helpful.

So been weeks and weeks and no update at all @Funcom_Community on this issue. Could we get some sort of if /when it might be fixed??? anyone??

So 3 months and 2 bigger patches down the line and still no fix…

I wonder if they are waiting till after the release of the new DLCs?? That would be pretty crappy but hopefully the next patch will have the fix and very soon

Hey there, looking at our Jira board, it appears the issue where Harpagus the Hatcher fails to spawn was recently fixed internally. Unless I’m reading this wrong, it’s slated for release in a future update. We apologize for the wait but he should be back in action soon enough.


Sorry to be that person Andy but when you say future update do you mean this month or this year as its been weeks and weeks now and have like had a couple of updates that do not have him in it so just wondering as well seems like its been forever now.

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I know it’s been a while. As far as I can tell it’s scheduled for release before the end of the year, unless something explodes.


Still no Zath trainer on official after last update.

Does anyone know where the priests of zeth stand?

trainer still missing
no news from devs still?

I saved up fragments at this point and just unlocked it since they seem like they just kind of thrown this one in the wind and same with the purge meter bugs that have been going on just as long.

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thats 1 way to bypass the not spawning problem
playing in single player atm and purge is bugged again wth my bars half way in the second section of the purge meter

Hey there its now NOVEMBER. So you guys are currently looking into this for 2 entire months?
I call bullcrap.
You guys know something you’re not telling us because you either dont know how to adress the issue OR you do know how to adress the issue but doing so takes a big chunk of time which is a resource you dont have enough of because you dont want to hire enough ppl to carry such loads, OR, and this is terribly far reach, you guys know the issue and truly, oh my wow its sudh a game breaking bug that its taking over 2 months to legit deal with it.
Covid or not, im really leaning towards the second, which is…

look you guys flat out are not delivering the content that you assured us was available when we gave you our money. cowboy up and get someone on this bug. i command it. make it so, number one.