Zath religion trainer not spawning

its scheduled? by the end of the year? let me get this straight. you guys introduced content thats been in play since as early as April of this year, and youre telling me the solution is scheduled to come “by the end of the year”???

Yep, sorry pal but i call BS. this is garbage support. the end. you guys dropped the ball on this one harddddddd. note all the D

If you guys wanna squelch me over this i can’t stop you, but i’m calling you guys out. if your incapacity to deliver a product as stated is a hurts to your feels, i’m not sorry. I care not.

“dont hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky, it slips away, and all your body wont another minute buy.”

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still no zath teacher

Yes, we’re fixing the issue and while I won’t disagree I would like to have seen the solution come sooner, it’s happening and should be pretty soon; if I recall correctly it should be in the next update. I’m sorry it’s taken so long and for any trouble it’s caused!


Thanks Andy, someone standing up and taking responsibility goes a long way. Truly I’m just ruffling tailfeathers to bring attention to something to get things done. I enjoy this game too much to have any real ill will, but damnit some times things are annoying. Again I’m not a stupid person. I understand you guys are doing your best with what resources you have. I’m really griping at your managers. whether they are corporate goons on telecon, or an actually person locally that just isn’t doing a good job. One person with great responsibility makes a mistake and EVERYONE notices. I’m pretty sure the ppl making these decisions are not the ones that have to be the “face” of your company to the customers in a forum. I don’t envy you Andy. not. one. bit.


no patch notes for this patch. is it fixed yet?

Not yet; today’s mini-update was mostly for backend/compatibility stuff. I’d expect the fix in the next major update. Perhaps not soon enough, but SOON, I swear




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The trainer of religion is not a big problem is solved by 5 crystals of power, here there are very few priests and there is a special place for them

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