Zath trainer is mute. Poor guy 😞

Game mode: Pve Official Exiled Lands
*Type of issue: bug
Server type: Pve
Region:: Oceanic
Hardware:: PS5

Bug Description:

Finally found the Zath Trainer on exiled lands. He teaches the religion fine but when you talk to him he has no voice.

Expected Behaviour

For the Zach trainer to tell his story and give me some lore regarding the religion

Steps to Reproduce:

Find Zath trainer and try to talk to him but realise he is mute :zipper_mouth_face:


Can confirm this in ny Singleplayer game. I was just about to report this myself, thanks @Darkzombie. But it is not only that he has no spoken dialogue, but no written dialogue either. This is a tremendous shame, as I have always loved hearing some lore and background from the various trainers about their religions. Let us hope that Harpagus the Hatcher is able to overcome vocal cord challenges and preach the wisdom of Zath to the people of the Exiled Lands. :spider_web: :spider:

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Maybe he was bitten on the lips by one of his pesky little spiders? Little blighters!


Hi @Darkzombie, we’ve relayed this to the team, thank you for reaching out.

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Visited this guy last night.
There was no audio from him at all.
PVE-C Official Server
PlayStation - PS5

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