Zingaran armour issue

I have tamed the thrall Zaris Leatherbinder in order to make Flawless Zingaran Freebooter Armour. Upon attempting to make this, i noticed i was unable to make the standard Zingaran Freebooter Armour. (Which is required to make the flawless edition) i moved Zaris to a sgandard armour bench and improved and neither could craft the standard armour.

Is there another way to craft this armour?

U no longer need the basic armor to make it high grade flawless

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Can u tell me how to make this please?

U need to make perfected light armor paddings leggings boots and etc make sure u have a improved armor bench

Thank you i will try this now. Although the craft option still says i need the previous standard armour set.

I have done as u said and the perfected padding acts as the required standard armour. (The ingredient is now highlighted in the improved armourers bench) but it will not allow me to craft any. (Yes i turned the IAB on) do u have any suggestions?

Craft the standard one on the regular bench maybe

You didnt read my first message. The standard one cannot be made on the standard bench either.

Have you learned it under your feats?

Bahahahahaha SOLVED thanks very much to the both of you!


Hey btw, how to u turn flawless armour into epic flawless armour?

You don’t. They’re two separate armors. You need to craft the Epic version from scratch. This is a pretty recent change in how armors are crafted, and a handful of armor types still need the original set to craft the Epic set.

This looks like a bug to me, if he is trilying to craft the epic version of the armor and its asking for the normal version.

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