Zone Map - can I scroll?

I can’t seem to scroll flawlessly in Zone Map.

Pressing WASD does… sort of scrolling, but it’s kinda clunky. I can only scroll to one direction, and it scrolls one tick at a time, while does very weird jittery thingy when I scroll the map.

It feels almost like I’m NOT supposed to scroll around the map. Am I the only one who’s having this issue? What about the others? Can you guys scroll around the map just fine?

You can move around seemlessly iirc from a stream, but idk the controls. (Aren’t they in a settings menu?)

Using the controller, I have no problems scrolling around.

Yep. I found that it’s because my laptop is WAAAAY too bad to even scroll the map properly.
I tried this game on different computer and I could scroll the map flawless.

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