1,080 Day Member Loyalty Reward

Hey all, an update on the loyalty rewards. This warrants its own announcement, so please check here:

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact Customer Support. Thanks :slight_smile:

So originally, rewards came out 1 month after the anniversary at the end of June, and 180 days later at the end of December.

What will the new reward schedule be? On the anniversary maybe every year?

Will it still be tied to membership days, just no longer round numbers? Will next anniversary we see: “1230 Day Loyalty Rewards at now live!”?

Rewards will be added at times when it makes the most sense for the community. You can expect future rewards to still be tied to length of membership; I’ll have to get back to you on exactly how they will be labelled.

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So that basicly means FC changes the membership details and details of the membership contracts, and loyalty rewards will no longer come on a shedule, but whenever FC feels to remember they have to create and release them.

As this reduces the value of the membership, what are FCs plans on adjusting, that means reducing, the membership prices? We payed in advance for a new virual item for all of our characters every 180 days. If there are no plans on reducing the membership prices, please explain how FC will make sure that the new “whenever we like” shedule will hold up to the quantity and qualitiy of the old shedule.
Seeing how no one was able to pull out a calendar and calculate that the dates of the rewards will fall into holiday and whatnot when the rewards were originally planned does not build up any believe that the new system is anything else than: FC is not able to work on a shedule, which they planned themeself. Period.

Why is it even a problem that the former dates fell into holidays? If you know you will not have the time or manpower to do something right befor a release date…you just get it done way earlier? That is basic planning?

Conclusion: Nice try with the PR speech, but the bottom line is: FC can not even get a random virtual item done and released every 180 days.


Feel free to draw what conclusions you wish. The goal is to continue releasing sweet rewards for members, but at times that make more sense for the community rather than on a fixed schedule. If you have questions or concerns regarding the value of your membership, Customer Support is happy to help.

Is there going to be any future content worth subscribing for? This meaning, non raid finder content.

New raid tier, new dungeon, pvp map etc…

Funcom has new games planned, but seems to put older stuff in the closet.


I am sorry that you got tagged to share the news on FC’s adjustment of the Loyalty Rewards. :frowning:

So, what I am about to say, I is not for you, and I will be saying to Customer Support, even though those folks are not responsible for this announcement.

Here goes,

I have been here a Long, Long, Longtime and I usually keep my mouth shut. Not today. Not now.

The decision on how to handle the loyalty rewards was wrong. I shouldn’t have to tell you how to run a business, but, I’m going to. If finances, staff, government regulations, or whatever cause you to have to change something that you have been doing are are expected to by your customers; and unless you are locking and closing your doors, you had better come up with something to do your best to compensate or inspire your customers to stick with you as you make changes.

Saga was a breath of fresh air and excitement for many, it brought back many old players and I have seen a few new ones popping in. Win! (Not a great one, but a win anyway.)

Then this…Loss!!! A big one. Most of the good will and excitement created by Saga just got blown off the field of play.

You could have put some money into creating some rewards, and, at the same time, tell us that you will be making changes in the loyalty system. More to follow. You didn’t.

Poor AndyB got stuck out in front of us all tell us that something is coming, then he has to announce it this way.

I’m going to send this up the line via customer support, but not one of them has a thing to do with this decision. They can only sit back and cringe and try to keep their composure and respond to the emails, etc, that will start showing up.

We all realize that this game is on life support, but some of us still love the game (stories, combat, PvP, griping about PvP, griping about folks griping about PvP, the beauty and environments, the challenge of beating a new boss). But good lord! This was like walking in to check on the patient on life support, only to be told by the hospital, that you can’t visit as long, you have to pay to visit, bring your own folding chair, clean up when you leave, and “can you use the back entrance?”

Oh! I am angry!

Not O-K


Thank you for an official response on the Membership Loyalty Rewards, Andy. Funcom’s answer is more or less what I expected, but I am glad that the AOC community now has confirmation that Rewards will not be offered on a regular schedule. The stated change in Membership terms will help current and potential subscribers make an informed decision regarding AOC’s paid subscription offer.

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So can I get a refund on all my sub time since I am NOT getting the services that I was promised by Funcom?

Is it REALLY that hard to reskin some pets or recolor a mount and slap them in every 6 months? Thats all 180 days is really.

There’s nothing special that goes on in AoC anymore, other than Anniversary Event that we have to beg you to remember, the saga server (which is unknown if will happen again), and Halloween event. And even then there is little point in subbing at these times. This is the exact opposite of giving people an incentive to sub. For shame.

If you have any questions or concerns about how you value your membership in light of the recent changes, Customer Support is happy to hear you out.

Oh no. I don’t think they’ll be happy to hear this out. I actually feel very sorry for the amount of people who are going to be sending angry letters to them over the next few days.

“The aim is to release these items at times that best encourage player engagement, create excitement, and incentivize both new and existing players to become members”

Your players ARE engaging with you. And they’re NOT happy or excited and you already have people who are telling you there is literally NO incentive to sub with these changes. Would YOU sub to this game when the company is basically telling you “We do not value your time or money enough to stick to our original promise to you and now we will only give you rewards when we can be bothered to remember you even exist.” ???

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I can assure you this isn’t the case. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make no mistake, we’re not stopping loyalty rewards. We’re simply amending the release schedule so it fits better with notable beats in the future.

The only “notable beats”

Are Halloween, and Anniversary. Which is 5 months apart. And your excuse for stopping the 180 day ones was because “they were weird times” and “holidays” that funcom already doesnt celebrate with anything in game for AoC (other than halloween).

And if it werent for people reporting you all to the BBB and other countries equivalents of it, we wouldnt get loyalty rewards at all since they’ve always been late and the community has had to beg for them. So you might as well get rid of them since your amendment is “Whenever we can be arsed to remember”


so does this mean we wont have to scrape up cash for subscription offers or loyalty programs at cash strapped times like in the past at Christmas period when everyone is dollar short after buying presents ect. because i had missed a few sub offers due to that in following years? i had asked GM’s this a few time’s-if offering new “sub offers/loyalty rewards” at least leave them up awhile longer than the past so peeps can budget for them as you used to always have offers at the Christmas period

well if we aren’t getting the rewards as advertised but are now in a holding pattern, how about giving back the community the veteran points and offline levels?

Any new player account does not have access to the veteran npc paths. Which are very nice for new characters to use with or without the ctrl G option

and making item shop items account wide again…making the boxes drop at a minimum a purple item…and remove AA points from the list so we can get better things than AAs for a full AA char…

announce a new Saga coming up: whether pve or pvp: what rewards?

people are stuck doing RF or WB because there is nothing past t6. Raids do happen but not like they used to and if a new guild wipes once or twice people bail out so that lessens incentive to start raiding for a new guild

give us a bone Funcom…

WB has been out long enough for everyone to have four cloaks now if they started from the beginning

I’ve even gotten four rings from RF on a fair number of my characters

something new?

I don’t care to do khitai on my alts…it was enough on my mains

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What if I tell them that Argyle is the devil’s handicraft! :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ll probably add it to the item shop in game

Yes, this is exactly what it means.

No news still?

Their response is that they will only release new rewards when they can be bothered to remember. Judging that they’ve already forgotten this thread, you can expect another tier of loyalty rewards to be released around the time Mars is colonized.