#1006 talks German to me

I was killed by dich selbst? What?
My Thralls were killed by Sandechsen-Baukonigin?

Why is the game talking German to me? I got English client and dont realy speak German.

I see the same thing on Official Server PvE #1028. I presume it’s because the servers are based in Germany. However I wouldn’t expect that to affect in-built game messages. That should be based on my client language settings.

Several of the servers have that. It’s doubly-odd since you get a weird mixture. Server messages shouldn’t really be language-based anyway: If I have an English client, I expect game messages to be in English.

Suggested languages for server chat etc is fine of course.

My German is patchy, but I understand enough for it to not be a practical problem - it’s just odd.

I know that issue, I rented a server based in Germany as well and despite having my client in english I get all those event messages in german.

I assume it has something to do with the language the operating system of the server is set to and as soon it matches a supported language it uses this one otherwise jumps back to english, but that is just an uneducated guess of mine.

Would like to know how to change server language since I could not find anything in the settings or Internets about that.

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