10yrs later....password still works

started playing aoc when swg folded, played for a few months enjoying it tremendously, then for some reason real-life got in the way…needless to say im beyond lost…im going to load up the old cpu today and see how far behind i am in gear and coin…we have pvp now? interesting…last i played was right after my awesome guildmates gave me the gold to buy a horse mount when those were implemented…im excited to log back on tonight and ill see some of yall around!!!


Obviously there have been a lot of changes but don’t worry, just ask in the global chat if you got questions about anything, most of the time you will get an answer pretty fast. You should also check out the useful links here in the forums to gain additional information.
Anyways, have fun exploring the game, there is lots to see and do for new / returning people.


Welcome back to AOC!

Back when the game first got released I played for a short amount of time. My PC wasn’t really up to the job of running the game and also that IRL left me with very little time for gaming.

A day or so ago I patched up the client (already had it downloaded) and jumped back into the game as a new character. The game looks so nice on a higher spec PC! I did have a few questions about how things worked and found the players in the chat very helpful. They answered all the questions I had. Its also nice to see the community still going strong on AOC.

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