1516 has two regular down times... Purge question

1516 PVE-C is down again right now. @Ignasis @Hugo @Community

We usually go down between 6-7:30 pm and between 10-11:30 pm. But this isn’t about that.

I’m due for a purge tonight. It’s currently 5:54pm. Purge times start at 6pm.

Will the purge happen even if the server is offline?


If the server is offline, it’s either not running at all, or it’s running but it’s not connected to the Internet somehow. If it’s not running, then there’s nothing to run the Purge. If it’s somehow running but not connected, then the Purge can’t happen because the default settings require at least one player to be online on the whole server (regardless of the clan) for any Purge to happen.

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Alright. I must have gotten confused somehow. Yesterday a friend on the server starved 6 times during the regular crash time (shown in event log).

And when the purge was explained to me, I was told it can happen even if you are offline… So I assumed it was a timer/world based event. Not a playercount event.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Correct, you don’t have to be online for the Purge to happen to you. The server setting that controls it is inadequately documented and a source of confusion.

Here’s an explanation I posted once and I tend to link to it so I don’t have to keep copying it:

That setting is set to 0 on official servers, so that’s why you don’t have to be online for a Purge to happen to you, but someone has to be online on the server for the Purge to happen at all.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


I’m wondering WHY I’d want to buy the new DLC when you can’t keep a server running without repeated crashes and hours long down times?

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And yes, I’ve reported this through the in-game form. Again.


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