1774 official server all bases admin wiped week before merger! Wtf

Good Morning,

Server 1774 had every single base on it wiped last night by admin. I have a screenshot below showing this. We have been slowly dismantling our bases getting ready for server merge when last night at 8pm the server went down for some reason. When it came back up every base was gone along with the thousands and thousands of mats we had stored up for transfer. We had guys that fell to their death and lost all their gear.

The server needs to be rolled back so we can get what we had. This was a totally unnecessary change that should not of happen. We still had 7 Days till the merger went through…

Also love how you deleted my Twitter posts about this and Facebook posts too. Also your zen desk link will not let me create a ticket!

Please Fix this

If it was truly admin wiped you need to use zendesk. If it’s anything else (like general loss of stability etc) it needs to be reported as a bug in the bug report section.

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Zendesk is useless. Even if you sent them a ticket you wouldn’t get a reply until after you server is merged and even if you did get a reply sooner its not like they’re going to roll the server back lol