#1931 - Fell through mesh and kept falling from rhino attack

It seems a rhino pushed me through the ground and I just fell forever…until I died and lost all my stuff and couldn’t recover it.

ARK used to have this issue, but they implemented a fix years ago that would teleport a person back to the ground again if they fell through. This game REALLY needs this fixed ASAP because now I can’t trust fighting rhinos without possibly losing all my gear again. Plus, the server just went down AGAIN. I’m done with 1931 for now and putting a negative in steam’s game reviews for the stability and bugs I’ve been running into. I’ve played this game for about 3 weeks and generally enjoyed it very much, but these server crashes and falling through the ground without any chance of recovery are just frustrating.


1931 has went down probably about 8 times today already. Not to mention this is happening for frequent now. It used to just happen a couple times a day. They really should have never taken this game out of early access and beta. Its sucks because conan is such a good game.

A potentially good game. Not fixing critical issues quickly enough, and I consider OFFICIAL server instability to be a critical issue. Falling through the ground bugs are semi-critical if they can be avoided by avoiding non-essential activities, but critical if they can’t be avoided while carrying out essential activities.

Server says 1 person is on the server. But nobody can load in.

Weird you died from falling through the ground. And I haven’t seen it since the fix. When falling through the ground you per default just teleport unharmed to the starting desert.

i wish they would fix the rhinos, they push you through the ground, they get stuck on you… they can even bug out your roll doge (untill you log out ).

Most dangerous mob in the game, cus of these bugs… and…

yesm, that is a rhino i just killed… going into orbit


stuck in the tree after launch

not cool Funcom!

added, also had this happen with some of the legendary bosses… you know, the one Funcom improved by giving them higher HP instead of higher damage, so its just a time skin to kill one over risk ><

Spend all that time killing one and boom! orbit, and cant get my prize for the effort

Happened with the snake, The rhino king and the Rocknose thing.Game is still beta at best (Funcom, are you trying to destroy the reputation you managed to save?)

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