1v4 Raid Video, Assassin Playstyle: "The Saboteur", Official #1808

I’m a big fan of guerrilla warfare playstyles lately, and I had been harassing this base at night for a few days, culminating in strikes like this. Blowing up any Tier-3 that was resting on flimsy Tier-1, and assassinating thralls where possible. Great underdog tactics. Keeping them busy, aggro’d, and suppressed.

Action starts @ 2:10.

The clan I was assaulting were super chill, and very competent at PvP. They ended up inviting me into their Discord, and we laughed about how Dingle absolutely ate that explosive to the face @ 3:20 and died. They invited me to join their clan, which was a kind gesture.

Light armor isn’t highly regarded in PvP, but I think that situations like this really show its value. Less stamina cost on climbing, and dodging that shoots you far away from harm. To top that off, it tends to be very cheap and disposable.

I used a warrior build, high in Vitality Agility and Strength. Just enough effective health to survive the explosive jar @ 2:45.


Classic, good-natured skirmishing. I dig your style, man, asymmetric and probably pretty frightening from the inside. I like how you doubled your foot presence from time to time, great stuff. Also, amazing reflexes on that leaping shot on Dingle with the Khopesh. Wow, and you would have had it all too if it weren’t for that meddling Styg 3 Fighter. RIP lol

Haha yeah. That ‘Stygian Fighter III’ is actually a player who stole the thrall’s name. Very good PvPer, whenever I saw him during my night raids I knew the jig was up. Him and ‘Ruin system’ would always be on my azz.

It’s been great fun to be on a PvP server with friendly people who are happy to have a good bout. Lucked out on this server. We’re all just in it for the rush.

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From what I know so far, enemy thralls stay passive and do not attack you until you aggro them - by damaging them, their master player or nearby structures they are supposed to protect.

I wonder if it is possible to blow the hole in the wall to gain access to enemy base, then run out to loose aggro and then return and simply steal armor and weapons from passive thralls :thinking:

It happened to me, and the feedback I got was my gang inside stayed put even after the raiders killed one of their pals up top. After huge holes were made these ones just aggrod one by one then returned to their spots, resuming normal behaviors while players busted through my chests. :sad trombone:

Interestingly after the fugue to break in had subsided, the only one inside who apparently really fought back was Naomi, my T3 Bearer.

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