2.1 ideas/corrections

I watched the dev stream about update 2.1 and wanted to give my constructive criticism

  1. I noticed the vanity mirror is missing two things. A. Its missing an actual mirror lol. And B. Its missing name change for those who frequently dont notice how to name their toons. This is extremely irritating to me as the owner of an RP server on Xbox constantly having to tell players to recreate toons and explaing how to edit name. It feels like a broken record.

  2. Animal pens and stables should have a beast tamer thrall slot.

  3. As this is an economy update perhaps an in game trade system for example every player starts with X amount of bronze coins that can be traded between players for goods of equal value. Gold is too easily attained to use as an effective currancy system on RP servers.

  4. Placebles such as curtains, certain banners/flags, and furnitue should be made with an option to dye them.

  5. The update thins out recipe disrubution in work tables. However its the player inventory recipe list that is the most clutered and a lot of which should be moved to work benches such as building peices could be moved to thier respective base game/DLC artisan tables.

I have more but they dont partain to the economy update. But should a religion update be in the pipeline ive got 2 pages of ideas for that.

I actually thought of a few more that are relevent to this update, and one relevent to update 2.2.

  1. Vanity Mirror/Character creation should have body modification options. For example body scars, perma tattoos, body hair options including pubic or the option to remove unwanted body hair, piercings, and muscle scaling for sholders arms legs chest hips and midsection.

  2. Unwanted legendary items, ive noticed a big chunk of my servers RAM is eaten up by players stock piling legendary items they collect in persuit of a specific item and most people dont dismantle them cause the resources you get from them are not of equal value. This could be eleviated by either recieving a power frag from dismantaling them or maybe trade X amount to the Archivist for a multiple choice option of 3 random legendary item from both maps.

And for update 2.2

  1. Ive noticed me and my clanmates do more damage to our thralls than the enemy does and i have my friedly fire set as low as possible this may be a settings issue but it brings me to my point. Thralls need an ownership system where only the owner, player that claims ownership after placement, can command said thrall and said thrall is immune to owners attacks.

  2. An alliance system, i do alot of dungeon delving helping players outside of my clan and its rather frustrating when i accidentally target lock the player im trying to help and in turn kill them. If i could invite them to an alliance where their name would change from white to blue instead of green an they would no longer be target lockable and take only FF damage.

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