2.4.4: Dragon Hatchlings no longer drop Demon Blood

According to the wiki, Demon Blood should drop. After I fought about 6 of them, I realized they no longer drop it. I used the pick to get the bones and blood, but now I only get dragonbones and some other item, like brimstone.

I still get demon blood from the mini-bosses, but that is a slow grind by chance for when they appear.

Note that there is no related changes indicated in the patch notes about this.

I just left the Unnamed City and was able to get demon blood from the dragon hatchlings (not much though). I harvested the hatchlings with a star metal pick. (I’m playing on a PS5).

Same here, but there was no demon blood. I’ll keep trying if it is just an RNG thing now.

I just tried again and didn’t get any demon blood from the hatchlings. I’m also beginning to doubt that I got some from the hatchlings during my earlier trip to the Unnamed City. I overlooked the fact that I also killed the bat demon, who may have been the source of the demon blood.

I tried again. Out of seven hatclings, only one dropped 14 demon blood.

Black Kappa gave me more, but not much.

Hi @Dzonatas and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Probably the Wiki is a bit outdated but Demon Blood does not have 100% drop chance from Dragon Hatchlings.
Crom did not favor you that day. If you are still seeing less to no Demon Blood drops, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.


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