Demon blood not dropping off mobs

Game mode: Online
Problem: bug??
Region: Americas Official

Seems like a bug to me, but not 100% sure. Demon blood is very rare drop now, and with needing 200 to make the map room this is a very tedious task. I have tried all the tips/tricks posted about killing the barrow King, which yielded 3 and 8. Most demon or types of mobs that should be giving demon blood do so only about 1 in 5 harvests. Why make this so hard to get?

I dont think its a bug, just a rare resource. I am also collecting 200 DB for the map room and yes, it takes ages to get it. I use only pick from steel/hardened steel to get 2/3 DB from demons.

Those small imps drop just few DB even if you kill 20-30 of them. So I moved to the Highlands and up to the mountains where Jhil brood lives, I got like 20-30 DB per run through their caves.

PS: I am on dedicated server and all modifiers are vanila = 1.0x

Try farming “rocknoses” in the volcano and harvest bodies with a cleaver :smiley: With star metal one it is 200 per run across the place with gas and areas near it :slight_smile:

I’ve blurred areas so one who want to explore the game by himself won’t get unwanted tip :slight_smile:

Some drop quite a lot. Like the undead dragon, it drops dozens with a x1 harvesting rate (though I don’t understand why it would have blood at all).
Skeleton lizards drop it frequently. It drops a lot from the volcanic rock noses too.

Props for the misleading, click-bait title though.

Just killed Barrow King for the first time. 92 Demon Blood with x1 harvesting rate using an upgraded star metal pick. (I read that official servers have x2… So yeah… Nearly 200 blood from a joke of a boss on official.)

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Guess part of my problem was using the wrong tools on each mob type. some the pick gives the blood, and some the cleaver, etc. Wasn’t trying to mislead or give away secrets.

Killed the Barrow king and got 3 blood using the cleaver, so was a bit frustrated. Killed the sand dog things by the sand temple, and it was maybe 50% drop rate for 1 or 2. Killing the demon bat things was worse at times with 5-6 corpse harvested and zero demon blood. Everything else was easy to obtain for the map room, but this demon blood was harder until knowing the tricks.

Official PVE servers are 1x harvest rate, and using a modded steel pick gave 20-40, which helped.

So many bugs in game at the moment, i thought maybe this was one.

Gotcha. By ‘misleading’ I was referring to the fact that the title says demon blood is not dropping, but then you go and say that it ‘is’ dropping. That’s all I meant. And I really was curious if someone was actually not getting any demon blood as drops.

I understand about the tools, it’s not consistent.

I had no idea what the best tool was when I went in there, I just typically use picks on the undead as it seems to me like a skinning knife or cleaver wouldn’t be too effective. I killed him 7 times and got about 50 - 92 blood per kill with a star metal pick and the best tool upgrade kit. I did try the sickle, skinning knife and cleaver too, those sucked. I didn’t try a hatchet yet.