Get rid of map rooms and all uses for demon blood if you are going to have any demon blood drop


Demon blood, demon blood, why is there no demon blood any where any more. Get rid of all things that require demon blood if you don’t want to drop any demon blood. This sucks.


Where are you searching for demon blood? If I recall there are a surplus of methods in gaining demon blood once you hit end-game, which is practically the time when you start needing it.


LOL there’s plenty of demon blood. Maybe try researching before you start crying.


Ways of Getting Demon Blood.

  1. Kill the Rocknose King (not boss). You can find it just south of the Black Galleon.
  2. Kill the Spider Bosses. They drop a whole bunch of Demon Blood.
  3. Kill the Barrow King End Game Boss. This one is surprisingly easy.
  4. Kill the Living Magma Rocknoses in and around the Volcano. This is the best way of harvesting shedtons of Demon Blood.

What do you do when you no longer have the willpower to farm more tar for steelfire for bombs and end up with multiple large chests full of demonblood like I do? Get some raw port and make demon-blood sausages. Second best healing food after aloe soup.


Thanks for the info, but I think I must be glitches even those don’t drop any no mater what tool or level of tool I use. Oh well someday it will get fixed I am sure. I will just wait it out by doing other things.


That sux man,try to reverify your files,maybe something is corrupted. There is definitely something wrong


Thanks I will do that


I farm the living magma on road to the pilgrim and inside the volcano.

They still drop demon blood but I’m pretty sure the drop rates were changed or the variance of demon blood you can get was changed.

Pre-pet patch I was getting pretty much 12 demon blood per living magma with a black ice or star metal pick. Now I can get 2 demon blood and have gotten 20.


This is correct.
personnally , it think it’s a good thing they nerfed the drop rates, it was too much seriously, but it might be a bit too low now, especially since the map room is sthing you wanna get ASAP on officials.


I just did the Barrow King and harvested with an iron pick, then a steel pick, and finally a hardend steel pick. Only got 55 to 57 on each. At least I got enough for the map room.


Yes. They have dialed down the drop rate, but only mildly. Working most of the easy to find Magma Rocknoses between the obelisk and the Bridge of Voormithadreth you can still easily accumulate somewhere between 100-150 demon blood in a single pass with a star metal, obsidian, or acheronian pick.

It used to be you kill 4 of these guys, and you’d have enough demon blood to make 2 map rooms.


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