Demon blood i cant find any

imps dont drop it

have not seen one rocknose king near pirate ship or godclaw

any help would be nice

kill demons… =D

ok ok. like demon bats, demon dogs, demon dragons, etc

They were moved to Sandscour Pass.

There was one
in the unnamed city. Not sure if it is still there.

Put some heads in the fluid press :sunny:

Heads in the press just yields blood, not demon blood.

Dragons and draglings in the Unnamed City drop demon blood. Oddly enough, the undead dragon in the Arena only drops demon blood when cleavered.

Imps still drop demon blood, although very rarely.

Bat demons are the easiest to kill to reliably get a better drop rate.

There is still a Rocknose King near the pirate ship, although it may be in a different location (killed it a couple days ago).

Killed the Frost Dragon yesterday and only got 1 blood from it using the cleaver (didn’t have an axe on me).

Undead hyenas at sinkhole are easy

The demon cats near the temple where the quest giver for the shards resides drop demon blood, and there are usually 5-6 of them wandering around or sitting near the temple there. Plus it’s near the east side newb area so easily reached.

Use a pick on the small rocknose in the volcano. Presto all the demon blood you could ask for. I can farm over 400 in 30 min.