Okay...Is it me or did they Nerf Demon Blood?

I have been killing creatures to farm demon blood and I’m getting some with ZERO output and many with literally 2 demon blood. I just killed 6 Demonic Shalebacks and got a total of 12 demon blood??? And one of them gave me 6 and another…Two of them gave me not a drop of demon blood.

Come on developers, stop nerfing PVP at least. We’re in PVP for the raw fight and battle. We’re not in PVP to build Barbie houses. Let us fight already.


If you can defeat world bosses, kill the snake in unnamed city and harvest with a pickaxe. Other tools might yield the same result.

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I have not noticed any changes recently. I know awhile back (2 or 3 months? ago) the tweaked it down slightly, but i can still fill a chess pretty quickly just mowing down the undead hyenas and new cave bosses.

Yes, I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount dropped. I was dropping significant amounts of demon blood as I was getting so much; now I keep and need every one I can get.


Farming demonic shalebacks were never good for high ammounts for demon blood, the snakes in upper desert and forest are the way for it.

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Try different tools.
I use pickaxe and don’t get max blood but get some of everything. As far as I know axes are best for blood.

I wouldn’t say mines a Barbie house…

It’s a themed… stripclub.



don’t farm it anymore, but the undead dragon in the arena (sinkhole). jackpot

Yeah Shaleback Hollow has been like this for quite a wHile now. Head directly for the river. There is a 1/16 chance an Elite croc is between the falls, and they’re loaded with DB. Head now over to Skittering Cavern and kill the big boss spoder. She’ll drop some cool stuff a barbarian like you could really use, plus DB.

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Well, I used to farm those birdbat things in the caves in the Northeast region for the hides using a skinning knife and literally had to throw away the demon blood from the amounts dropped. Now? Not NEARLY so much.


that may be because the boss in the dungeon gives some high level stuff now.

I love those new itens, new throwing and that helmet helps a lot.


Pretty much this. There are 3 snakes around Murielas and they respawn in about 10 minutes, and each one drops a good amount of demon blood. I haven’t farmed undead shellbacks in ages, they always were iffy.

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Red Mother gives less demon blood too.



I’m a Barbie girl,
In my Barbie world,
Life’s fantastic,
Demon blood overflowing my basket.


I’m a firm supporter of making balance decisions with PVP in mind, because that’s where competitiveness matters the most. I understand your point of view.

But. I’m getting tired of having my PVE/Solo play stuff nerfed because PVPers thought it was bad for the game. So maybe we all should start respecting all playstyles, including those different from our own, and try to help make the game better for everyone, not just for me at the expense of others.


Making balance decisions with only PVP in mind is a bad idea. They are more likely to adapt to changes even if you don’t pander to them, and PVE players are going to be your big spenders. A PVPer isn’t in the game to make a “barbie house,” but a PVE will happily drop cash on a DLC because they like the way a rug or chair looks.

Exactly. There are ways of making changes to make PVP players happy without hurting PVE players. It just takes slightly more thought.

One example of this would have been with the Life Blood Spear. Make it heal as much as before but make it only tick once every 15 seconds. (So if it healed 5 per second, make it heal 75 every 15 seconds instead, and if you get hit, the 15 second timer resets.)

Do you play Dota? Or League? Or Starcraft?

Guess what balance decisions are based on.

Yes, you are right, the pro scene.

Conan PvP is the only mode where a pro scene can emerge. So making balance adjustments based on PvP is the way to go.

In PvE you can kill every monster just by kicking. I’ve done this with several bosses already. It’s only tedious, no skill required.


Why not throw Call of Duty or Street Fighter in your list of examples too, considering you are listing games that have absolutely nothing in common with CE?

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