Was Demon Blood drop rate nerfed?

just wondering as most mobs that used to drop tons of demon blood drop trifle amounts now. I didn’t see anything in the patch notes about it. also seems that food drop rates have been reduced as well. with no details about it in the patch notes.

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plenty of changes are not in the patchnotes. so who knows. you might be right

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Official server PVE-C demon blood from undead through the sinkhole dropping as intended without a noticeable difference. However, three people noted drop difference. Perhaps a glitch or intended variety drop.

I would suggest this thread move to bugs as I’ve had folks from two official pvp servers report similar issues as mine.

all kinds of harvesting rates and tool stats are a mess right now, funcom did a great job once again ruining a fine system and not even mentioning it in the patchnotes -.-

I think the problem is the the cleaver and skinning knife now harvest the same as a pick.
Evey tool now gives a combination of flesh, hide and bone.

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I noticed the living magmas who used to drop about 10 demon blood each with a star metal pick now can drop me 2 or 20. Moreso the 2.

I think it’s a wider variance with likelihood to get much less than before patch.

I think they didnt even notice these changes, because almost always that they fix something, they brake another, all i think the codes must be a tangle.

I hope they did nerf the drop rate.

People were complaining about how easy it is to raid and they were right. Demon blood was too easy to get and a quantity of explosives too easy to obtain even on an official pvp server at x1 not to mention some resource accelerated private servers. Now (hopefully) demon blood drop rate has been reduced so we can have a bit more cost involved to mount a raid. Maybe they re balanced just certain sources.

Problem now is people are going to complain about the drop rate, I say let them. Besides, if you followed the game you would know that siege, explosives and raiding in general are being revamped. Now that coders are basically done with the pets I suspect more resources will be assigned to this cause and we may see some results in 2 or 3 months.

official servers run 2x harvest.

it is not just the blood, it’s all kinds of drops from monsters/animals

Not the official pvp server I play on, it’s 1x. It used to be 2x some time back but they changed it. There are official posts regarding it. You not played in a while or just never noticed they reverted that back?

I just checked again, official servers are 2x harvest.

Can you explain why when you harvest a thrall corpse with a religious tool you only get one essence? I admit when I looked at server setting it says 2x harvest but back in july and august I would get 2 essence on a single harvest.

drops from religious tools will only drop 1 no matter the drop rate of the server. They change it a few months ago.

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